From the post Could we be Hermless (Nov 2014):

“Whatever the outcome of the Smith commission, it is clear the parliament and people of Scotland will increasingly engage with new areas of policy and legislation. New found confidence, and perhaps some new found freedoms, will bring with them new responsibilities. While we all hope there is much we can do to help, we must at least begin by doing no harm.

So this is a blog in honour of that principle. With the existing powers our parliament already has, with whatever new powers the unelected Lord Smith deems appropriate for us to gain, and with the full powers someday, perhaps, of a nation-state, this is a call to communities, activists, public officials, government, legislators, and all arms of judiciary, to First Do No Harm, Scotland.”

This is, for now at least, a reasonably anonymous blog. We try to use gender-neutral language as far as possible. And use of ‘we’ is either editorial style or may reflect more than one person’s input (and is certainly intended to be modest rather than majestic!) We hope the words speak for themselves and we hope they are helpful. The blog draws from many years experience in the international development and aid industry and tries to reconcile the worlds of home and away.

Hyperlinks indicate sources, or further reading, or both. It can be time consuming to link everything, however, so if there are statements readers feel need further backing up, please get in touch below. We’re not trying to be a newspaper or new media outlet, but equally we shall do our best to be fair, balanced and accurate when referring to people and events.

While we’re big fans of organisations like Women For Independence, Commonweal, and Radical Independence Campaign, and many others, we’re not members or in any way attempting to speak on their behalf when we refer to them or their ideas. (Should be obvious, but ya never know.)

Comments are disabled across the blog (cos ya know, “don’t read the comments” ) except for this page. So if you want to get in touch, use the form below and we should receive your message (eventually). Moderation is switched on so don’t expect your comment to appear – it’s just a means of getting in touch.


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